One of these hearts is not like the other

American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day may be recognized only during the month of February, but Meditech brings hearts to life year-round.

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The Big Game and Minnesota medical animators

With football’s biggest competition taking place in Minneapolis this year, the animators at Twin Cities-based Meditech Communications have more than one angle from which to view the game. This team is comprised of pros in the intricacies of behind-the-scenes footage that rarely sees national air time—medical animation that includes, for example, injuries from football and other sports-related injuries.

Take shoulder injuries. In general, “Shoulder instability” is one of the most common injuries in football. In particular, pro American football players may develop a chronic condition with heightened risk of re-injury.

We all know what that tough tackle looks like—the one that makes us wince from our couches. But what about fracture care? Meditech created this animation to highlight the Conventus Cage technology, an exciting evolution to orthopedic fracture fixation that has been designed to address fracture collapse through 3-dimensional intramedullary support. With polyaxial screw placement and locking capabilities, surgical constructs can be customized to meet the demands of a wide variety of periarticular fractures.


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Meditech Communications partners with Cartiva, Inc. for an award-winning spot in Orthopedic Design & Technology

[Excerpt from the full story, found here]

“Cartiva Inc., a developer of innovative products for treating cartilage damage and osteoarthritis, has announced the company’s Cartiva Synthetic Cartilage Implant (SCI) won Most Promising New Product Award at the 24th annual 2017 Phoenix Medical Device CEO Conference near Silicon Valley. Chosen by global leaders in the medical device and diagnostic industry, the award recognized Cartiva SCI as the most promising new product of 2017.”

Meditech’s animation is featured in the article in Orthopedic Design & Technology. Similar projects include work for Zimmer, Conventus Orthopedics and Tornier. In addition to osteology and orthopedics, Meditech is nationally recognized as a leader in developing animation for cardiology, cardiac surgery, electrophysiology and neuromodulation.

St. Paul-based Meditech Communications is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in medical animation, app development and video production for the medical device industry. All resources are in-house, ensuring collaboration among the brightest talent in the industry that brings innovation to life.

Marketing Deliverables in 4-Steps

As a medical device marketer you have you own tried and trusted approach to the marketing process. One thing I’ve noticed is that client’s want to dive into implementation before we’ve done the upfront research, planning and considered how to measure success.

When we do discovery with a client we always like to learn about the overall business goals. Without a destination it’s difficult to map your route. By first defining the business goals we can start to explore the other key components in the marketing process and determine what marketing deliverables; like animation, video/motion and apps/interactive can best be applied.

Discovery. In discovery we like to know about the market, customer and competitive analysis. We like to know where our creative output will be seen, if it will be presented by sales staff or viewed in isolation, and in what situation it will be used.

Strategy.  The information we gather can help us plan your roadmap to success. Strategy revolves around the development of both individual materials and entire campaigns. We like to work with clients to clearly define goals and objectives, determine the appropriate audience and marketing channels, and work with you to develop and refine both the messaging and the overall user/viewer experience. We like to ask, “What should the audience think or do when they view or interact with your materials. Once we have agreed upon the strategy, we put a plan in place to meet your budget and timeline.

 Implementation.  Implementation is where we start to develop the targeted, budget conscious marketing materials. This is the fun part of our job and where you see your hard work come to life. We have a defined process we follow for each of our services, from animation, to video and motion, to apps and interactive development. We apply each step of the process to a timeline with stated milestones, then work our plan to completion, with checks along the way to ensure we’re meeting customer expectations. Once complete you can then start using your materials with your audiences and prepare to start measuring success.

 Measurement. The measurement phase enables you to make informed decisions regarding return on investment and overall success. If it’s an interactive tool we can use analytics to see who is using the tool, where they have clicked and how much time is spent on each component. If it’s a video planned for a YouTube launch, we can clearly measure viewership though the YouTube dashboard. If you’re deploying a video or animation on your company website, you should ensure you have measurement tools in place. Each company likes to measure success differently. We like to go back to the stated goals and see if they were achieved. Goals can be measured by sales, market awareness, brand enhancement, visitors to a trade show booth, customer feedback and lots of other metrics. Regardless of the metric, we want to ensure that we’ve taken every step to ensure success.

We would love to hear about your next marketing initiatives and see if Meditech can help!