Meditech team sweeps Z-Fest back in time

After long autumn and winter months of work, Meditech Communications Creative Director and founder of “Why Create Films” Brian Michael led a crew of film, animation and sound experts—including Lead Compositor Jason Craft and 3D Animator Nate Dorn—to victory at the Z-fest film festival in late March.

Meditech represents: Nate Dorn (far left), Jason Craft (second from left) and Brian Michael (second from right)

Z-fest is a non-profit organization that exists to support Minnesota filmmakers and Meditech has backed it through the years with numerous film and volunteer contributions.

This year, the team won multiple awards for its film A Time to Remember:
– Best VFX
– Best Kiss

  • Brian Michael recognizes Nate Dorn

  • – Best Audio/Sound Design
  • – Best Editing
  • Brian Michael recognizes Jason Craft

  • A Time to Remember
    placed 2nd overall in the festival’s top ten films.
  • Meditech Communications houses an entire team of experts in video production, 3D animation and more for medical device and healthcare.
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One of these hearts is not like the other

American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day may be recognized only during the month of February, but Meditech brings hearts to life year-round.

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The Big Game and Minnesota medical animators

With football’s biggest competition taking place in Minneapolis this year, the animators at Twin Cities-based Meditech Communications have more than one angle from which to view the game. This team is comprised of pros in the intricacies of behind-the-scenes footage that rarely sees national air time—medical animation that includes, for example, injuries from football and other sports-related injuries.

Take shoulder injuries. In general, “Shoulder instability” is one of the most common injuries in football. In particular, pro American football players may develop a chronic condition with heightened risk of re-injury.

We all know what that tough tackle looks like—the one that makes us wince from our couches. But what about fracture care? Meditech created this animation to highlight the Conventus Cage technology, an exciting evolution to orthopedic fracture fixation that has been designed to address fracture collapse through 3-dimensional intramedullary support. With polyaxial screw placement and locking capabilities, surgical constructs can be customized to meet the demands of a wide variety of periarticular fractures.


Meditech Communications has vast expertise in medical animations ranging from orthopaedics to cardiology, and the team at Meditech challenges expectations to consistently best both local and national competition. Contact us to learn more at 651.636.7350 x100 or