A heart-stopping exhibition

The Tin Man can forget Emerald City in his search for a heart and look no further than the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) meeting, where the greatest minds in the field gather annually to improve the future of cardiovascular health. This year the show took place at the Boston Convention Center. For the duration of the conference, Meditech Communications’ work was on full display, grabbing the attention of thousands of attendees in a series of breathtaking animations and videos.

For Meditech, creating graphics for a towering 80-foot outdoor marquee was a new and exciting challenge. The marquee was unique in its design, with seven screens covering almost 3,000 square feet and utilizing nearly 2.3 million LED lights.

During the creative process and before submitting the final graphics for use, the Meditech team worked collaboratively with the client by providing 3D renderings that illustrated exactly how the promotional graphic would appear on the giant display.

Meditech’s presence at the conference was not limited to the marquee. Another prominent display was a 160-foot wide video wall that spanned approximately 2,000 square feet. This was just another canvas for Team Meditech to bring to life.

Additional custom-tailored videos and digital signage were created to attract and engage audiences at the conference. For Meditech, receiving positive feedback and appreciation from our client was a very rewarding part of this project.

Dorothy may have followed the yellow brick road on her journey to Oz, but we are blazing our own path with unique solutions for our clients’ biggest challenges.

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Meditech team sweeps Z-Fest back in time

After long autumn and winter months of work, Meditech Communications Creative Director and founder of “Why Create Films” Brian Michael led a crew of film, animation and sound experts—including Lead Compositor Jason Craft and 3D Animator Nate Dorn—to victory at the Z-fest film festival in late March.

Meditech represents: Nate Dorn (far left), Jason Craft (second from left) and Brian Michael (second from right)

Z-fest is a non-profit organization that exists to support Minnesota filmmakers and Meditech has backed it through the years with numerous film and volunteer contributions.

This year, the team won multiple awards for its film A Time to Remember:
– Best VFX
– Best Kiss

  • Brian Michael recognizes Nate Dorn

  • – Best Audio/Sound Design
  • – Best Editing
  • Brian Michael recognizes Jason Craft

  • A Time to Remember
    placed 2nd overall in the festival’s top ten films.
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One of these hearts is not like the other

American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day may be recognized only during the month of February, but Meditech brings hearts to life year-round.

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