Our Animation Process

Back in January of 2017, we posted a blog that detailed the process we go through with every new animation project. Often our clients are new to animation production, so we wanted to provide an overview of how a typical project moves from initial discussions to the final product. Since that original post, we have improved our methods to allow for even better communication. Below is our updated process.  


Discovery Phase

During discovery we listen to your goals and establish your needs. We identify project requirements, including the animation’s primary use, your target audience, and the story’s basic narrative. It’s helpful for us to review reference material you may have, such as brochures and videos, that can help us to better understand your story.

Outline & Proposal

From the information gathered during the discovery meeting we develop a preliminary outline. The outline is used to create a detailed proposal which contains a description of our services, budget, and production timeline. Once the proposal has been accepted, we work with you to refine the outline to include detailed descriptions of each scene, a voice-over script if applicable, on-screen text, and any other details you may need included.


The storyboard is a rudimentary visual representation of the script. It includes illustrations of key scenes, shows basic camera angles, object interactions, and the overall motion in each sequence. You will have the opportunity to provide your input on visuals, movement, and camera angles portrayed in each scene.

3D Modeling & Animatic

With the storyboard complete, we then create 3D models and develop an animatic. An animatic is a simplified grayscale version of the animation, used to show basic movement and timing. Using an animatic is a quick and effective way for us to confirm that everything is as expected before investing additional time into making it look pretty.

Visual Development

During this phase we work with you to develop the definitive look and feel of the story by determining the overall aesthetics of the animation. We want to accurately represents your brand, and design visuals that will connect with your target audience.

Color Animation

In this phase, the animation is brought to life with the application of color and transitions. We proceed to render a detailed full-color animation and add smooth transitions that polish and refine the whole look and feel of the animation.

Post Production

During post production we implement all the final touches that help to immerse the audience in the story. These final touches include additions like music, sound effects, special effects, and motion graphics to reinforce key story elements. If you need professional narration for your video, we will add that during this phase as well. After completing a final approval process, we deliver the finished animation to you in whatever file format you require.

This process generally takes between 8-10 weeks, depending on the scope of the animation. If you have any questions about this process, or want to talk to us about an upcoming animation need, please reach out to josh.lynch@gomeditech.com or call us at (651)-636-7350.


Trade Show Rx

Customers are always asking Meditech for the best prescription for success at their next big event. High profile meetings, like trade shows, provide an opportunity for companies to see new developments in the industry as well as promote their products to a large target audience. These shows are saturated with existing and potential customers; the majority of which are likely your target audience. At events like this, instead of competing to sell products, companies are competing to reach as many people as possible. Trade shows tend to be fairly high risk for organizations; they are expensive to attend and there is no guarantee that you will get a return on investment. One of Meditech’s specialties is helping clients to get an edge over the competition and bring in those new potential customers. 


Meditech has a successful record of developing media solutions that both engage and educate potential customers. At last years Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) conference in Boston, Meditech created graphics for use on several massive displays inside and around of the conference itself. These graphics made a huge impact and were designed to catch the eyes of all visitors. These attention grabbing displays raise awareness but are otherwise passive in nature. 


The team at Meditech really stands out in creating solutions that are more interactive and engaging for customers. Meditech has created custom made mobile applications and games for use on cell phones or tablets. Deploying mobile platforms at a booth is a very efficient outlet for companies to use when there may not be a representative available to interact with every visitor.   

For clients who want a totally immersive experience for their visitors, Meditech develops virtual and augmented reality platforms for use in their booth. One example of a VR implementation that was created for a client featured a full 360 degree view video of physicians at the operating table during a procedure. The program allowed users to explore the physicians medical decisions, interact with the imaging and understand the impact on case progression The session included a quiz portion, score tracking and a competitive leader board. To increase the client’s return on investment, we implemented participant analytics to ensure improved follow-up. When properly designed and implemented, with an eye towards clinical relevance, organizations are assured to gain a significant amount of exposure in their booth. VR/AR is a great way for organizations to better demonstrate the benefits of a product or service as well as providing a unique experience that potential customers will likely not forget. 

Get a leg up on the competition at your next trade show–see if one of these unique media solutions is right for you. To learn more, contact us at 651.636.7350 x100 or accounts@gomeditech.com.

We’re Hiring – Technical Director/Rigger

Meditech Communications, a leading medical animation studio, is seeking a highly skilled and multifaceted Technical Director/Rigger. We’re looking for someone who has hands-on technical abilities, creative and design instincts, and big-picture vision with a focus on rigging and animation. This role is split between rigging/technical direction and general animation.

We are a small company with a dozen or so employees so your contribution will make a big impact. You’ll have the opportunity to work on high profile projects for Fortune 500 companies. Our space is comfortable and the atmosphere is casual. Dedication, passion and ambition are key, but so is a balanced life. We don’t expect nor want you to live at the office. Meditech features a modern comfortable office space, collaborative environment and opportunity to be part of a leading animation team.


  • – Work as part of a team to create balanced solutions to technical and aesthetic needs
  • – Build, test, and create rigs for anatomical and device action
  • – Create fluid and particle simulations
  • – Contribute to the production process primarily though rigging, but also modeling and animation
  • – Support the animation team with MEL and Python scripting to create solutions to common problems
  • – Troubleshoot and fix technical issues in Maya related to animation
  • – Evaluate motion needs of a project and provide time estimates for technical aspects
  • – Work on continual improvement of processes and pipeline

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • – Advanced knowledge of Maya with strong understanding of rigging, skinning, particle systems, and related technologies
  • – Ability to construct/deconstruct the mechanics of a device and understand its physics
  • – Excellent understanding of production pipeline/workflows with a high level of attention to detail
  • – Proven ability to be self-sufficient and be proactive in preventing/solving production issues
  • – Strong interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to work closely in a team setting
  • – Passion for creative problem solving and debugging


  • – Bachelor’s Degree in Art or Animation
  • – 5+ years of Production experience in a 3D studio environment
  • – MEL and Python scripting experience
  • – Proficiency in 3D modeling/animation
  • – Unity, VR and AR experience
  • – Experience with hardware and render farm is a plus

Competitive pay, health/dental insurance and benefits package. Please reply to Josh.lynch@gomeditech.com with a resume and/or cover letter, and applicant MUST provide links to any on-line examples of your work. All applications will be kept CONFIDENTIAL. This is a full-time on-site position.

We’re Hiring – 3D Animation Director

Animation Director:

Meditech Communications, Inc., a leading animation studio, is looking for a highly skilled and experienced 3D Animation Director to lead the animation team. Our ideal candidate is a proven industry veteran who knows the production process inside and out and also has hands-on experience with Maya experience. A fine eye for design and motion is a must but we can’t overstate the importance of impeccable interpersonal skills.

We are a small company with a dozen or so employees so your contribution will make a big impact. You’ll also have the opportunity to work on high profile projects for Fortune 500 companies. Our space is comfortable and the atmosphere is relaxed. Dedication, passion and ambition are key, but so is a balanced life. We don’t expect nor want you to live at the office. Meditech features a modern office space, collaborative environment and the opportunity to be part of a leading animation team.


As a 3D Animation Director you’ll be responsible for maintaining efficient workflow and assuring quality. Your time will be divided between leading a team of animators and contributing by doing hands-on animation work. You will work with the creative director and project manager to scope project needs and estimate efforts. You’ll evaluate project requirements and determine the best team member for each task, then closely supervise team members, and monitor daily progress.


  • Work with management to scope incoming projects
  • Have a solid understanding of the animation team’s workload and capacity
  • Conduct daily one-on-one check-ins with animation team members to provide direction and track progress
  • Provide input on animation workflows to create efficiency and streamline the production process
  • Lead production meetings, huddles, and creative strategy discussions
  • Contribute to the animation pipeline in a flexible capacity between modeling, animation, lighting/texturing, etc.
  • Foster learning and growth of junior team members


  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work closely with Creative Directors/Art Directors/Writers to ensure storyboards come to life and meet creative expectations
  • Ability to work with the Account Director on animation timelines
  • Flexible and organized enough to manage multiple projects at once
  • Able to follow established workflows, standards and project structure
  • Work well both independently and as part of a team
  • Desire to learn, grow and take on new responsibilities

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Minimum of 7 years of experience as 3D artist
  • 3+ years leadership experience
  • Extensive knowledge of Autodesk Maya and ZBrush
  • Expertise in 3D modeling of objects and characters, rigging, UV mapping, texturing, shaders, lighting and rendering with Vray
  • Ability to use post effects, particle systems and color grading
  • Ability to optimize animations and poly counts
  • Proficiency in 2D motion graphic and typography is a plus
  • Experience with VR and AR is a plus
  • Medical or pharmaceutical experience a plus

Please reply with a resume and/or cover letter, and applicant MUST provide links to any on-line examples of your work. All applications will be kept CONFIDENTIAL. This is a full-time on-site position.

Email your info to: brian.hagen@gomeditech.com