We’re Hiring – 3D Animation Director

Animation Director:

Meditech Communications, Inc., a leading animation studio, is looking for a highly skilled and experienced 3D Animation Director to lead the animation team. Our ideal candidate is a proven industry veteran who knows the production process inside and out and also has hands-on experience with Maya experience. A fine eye for design and motion is a must but we can’t overstate the importance of impeccable interpersonal skills.

We are a small company with a dozen or so employees so your contribution will make a big impact. You’ll also have the opportunity to work on high profile projects for Fortune 500 companies. Our space is comfortable and the atmosphere is relaxed. Dedication, passion and ambition are key, but so is a balanced life. We don’t expect nor want you to live at the office. Meditech features a modern office space, collaborative environment and the opportunity to be part of a leading animation team.


As a 3D Animation Director you’ll be responsible for maintaining efficient workflow and assuring quality. Your time will be divided between leading a team of animators and contributing by doing hands-on animation work. You will work with the creative director and project manager to scope project needs and estimate efforts. You’ll evaluate project requirements and determine the best team member for each task, then closely supervise team members, and monitor daily progress.


  • Work with management to scope incoming projects
  • Have a solid understanding of the animation team’s workload and capacity
  • Conduct daily one-on-one check-ins with animation team members to provide direction and track progress
  • Provide input on animation workflows to create efficiency and streamline the production process
  • Lead production meetings, huddles, and creative strategy discussions
  • Contribute to the animation pipeline in a flexible capacity between modeling, animation, lighting/texturing, etc.
  • Foster learning and growth of junior team members


  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work closely with Creative Directors/Art Directors/Writers to ensure storyboards come to life and meet creative expectations
  • Ability to work with the Account Director on animation timelines
  • Flexible and organized enough to manage multiple projects at once
  • Able to follow established workflows, standards and project structure
  • Work well both independently and as part of a team
  • Desire to learn, grow and take on new responsibilities

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Minimum of 7 years of experience as 3D artist
  • 3+ years leadership experience
  • Extensive knowledge of Autodesk Maya and ZBrush
  • Expertise in 3D modeling of objects and characters, rigging, UV mapping, texturing, shaders, lighting and rendering with Vray
  • Ability to use post effects, particle systems and color grading
  • Ability to optimize animations and poly counts
  • Proficiency in 2D motion graphic and typography is a plus
  • Experience with VR and AR is a plus
  • Medical or pharmaceutical experience a plus

Please reply with a resume and/or cover letter, and applicant MUST provide links to any on-line examples of your work. All applications will be kept CONFIDENTIAL. This is a full-time on-site position.

Email your info to: brian.hagen@gomeditech.com

Surgical & Clinical Video Guide for Cardiology, EP, and Orthopedics

Clinical video is a great way to showcase your device, but recording a procedure is not as simple as it seems. Before charging ahead into the operating room or lab, there are a lot of considerations to ensure the best possible outcome.

Considerations: Understanding how the video will be used and to whom it will be shown, affect how to approach filming the case. Here are some basic questions that will help in deciding how to design the final program.

Who is the target audience, and how will the video be used? For example; will sales reps share it with surgeons on a mobile device, or will it be shown to patients through a website?

What is the purpose of the video… training, sales, marketing, or maybe it will be used with the FDA or investors?

Does it make sense to interview the physician or clinical staff before and/or after the case?  If so, who will develop the questions to elicit the desired responses? Do you also want to capture patient or caregiver testimonials?

You also must consider the complexity of the procedure and determine the critical steps to be captured by the camera crew.

Working with the Physician: You’ll need to determine who you want to record performing the procedure.  Chances are they will be a key-opinion-leader (KOL), product champion, or someone providing an innovative approach to the procedure. Once you’ve narrowed the choices, contact the physician to see if they will agree to participate. They will need to find a patient suitable for the procedure and identify some potential dates for the case.

Preparing for the shoot:  Before the case we usually have a call with those involved; it could be the physician, hospital staff, marketing and sales staff and others to ensure we’re all informed about the purpose, goals and logistics. Prior to the shoot, we typically schedule a walk-through with the hospital staff. During this meeting we will be able to see the room where the case will take place, understand where the patient will be positioned, look at camera positions and test any imaging equipment feeds which will need to be captured during the case.

Information for the video production team: The questions below will provide information that will be useful for the video crew in planning for the recording.

What does the product look like and what supporting instrumentation will need to be shown and used in the case?

Will there be fluoroscopy or other digital imaging used that will need to be captured, such as a heart mapping system, IVUS, OCT or ultrasound?

How will the patient be positioned?

How many anatomical sites need to be recorded?

Will the back table, where the medical instrumentation and product are prepared, need to be recorded?

How long is a typical case?

Qualifying your video vendor: With so much to consider in a procedural shoot, it’s important to find a video production company with clinical and operating room experience. Remember, the company you hire needs to know exactly what they are doing once they enter the cath lab, EP lab or operating room, because a lot is at stake. When vetting your potential video vendors here are some important questions to ask:

  1. Have you recorded in a cath lab, EP lab or operating room before?
  2. Do you understand sterile technique?
  3. Have you worked wearing “lead” protection before?
  4. Are you able to provide multiple cameras?
  5. Do you have high definition cameras and recorders to capture any digital outputs such as flouro, echo, OCT, IVUS or ultrasound images?
  6. Does your company have full time employees that will handle the filming or do you sub-contract those services?  Are the crew’s immunizations up to date?
  7. Can you provide references from previous jobs?
  8. Does your company have liability insurance? At what limits?

At Meditech we’re asked these questions all the time and understand the importance of ensuring success in a clinical recording.

Now that you understand all the aspects of the case and have found a qualified video crew you are ready to roll!!

Meditech Communications is a media production studio specializing in surgical technique video production and method-of-action 3D animation for the medical device world.

Specialty Spotlight: Patient Education

Healthcare companies understand the value of creating videos targeted directly to patients. From awareness and educational programs, to patient documentaries; these videos are reaching audiences in clinical settings, in the home and on-the-go through mobile devices. For 25 years, leading healthcare and medical device companies have partnered with Meditech to develop all types of programs for patient audiences. To date, Meditech has produced over 300 titles on patient education. These programs typically focus on medical conditions, procedures, postoperative recovery, living with a disability and how to use a medical device. Our recent work includes a series on diabetes self-management, stroke recovery and living with a heart monitor.

Behind-the-Scenes at our On-Site Studio

Last month, Meditech kicked-off production on a 41-program patient education series on women’s health. Through a combination of skillfully-shot footage and detailed medical 3D animation, this series educates viewers on topics such as pregnancy, labor and delivery, and how new moms can best care for themselves and their newborns.

We also specialize in “patient profile” videos, which are documentary-style programs that feature patients who have benefitted from a new medical technology or procedure. These videos are both informative and heartfelt, providing viewers with an introduction to the technology, while allowing them to empathize with the patient and visualize how the technology could improve their own lives.

We are proud of our patient education portfolio, and would be interested to discuss how we can help you with your patient education needs. To join the growing global technology leaders who turn to Meditech Communications for solutions in video production, 3D animation and app development, contact us at 651.636.7350 x100 or at accounts@gomeditech.com.

Meditech’s Takes Gold, Silver, and Bronze at Digital Health Awards

Every year the best digital health resources for consumers and health professionals are recognized in the Digital Health Awards competition. This year, a series of patient education programs that Meditech produced for a global health information business was awarded with two programs taking gold, three silver, and one bronze ratings.

The award program is organized by the Health Information Resource Center, who have been holding this event for 20 years. Hundreds of state and national health-related organizations and companies enter the competition. Recent winners have included Aetna, American Heart Association, Bayer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, GlaxoSmithKline, Mayo Clinic, UnitedHealthcare, and more. With the high standard of competition, we are excited to see that our our work is recognized by the nations experts as being some of the best in its class.

To join the growing global presence of technology leaders who turn to Meditech Communications for solutions in video production, 3D animation and interactive, contact us at 651.636.7350 x100 or at accounts@gomeditech.com.